Donate your old clothes for a noble cause

Do not put a limit on the clothes you donate, unless they are wet or dirty. Wet clothes can promote the growth of fungus and bacteria. It is always suitable to wash the clothes you are going to donate beforehand.

  • H&M is a brand that promotes buy-back programs where they receive all the clothes in any condition belonging to any brand. You can even donate the lower-quality garments that do not deserve to go into a landfill.
  • Vincent de Paul is a Catholic network that gives clothes to people in need. You can stock up all the used as well as unused clothes and put them into use for someone in dire need.
  • A Goodwill or Salvation Army have a non-profit mission. They share a part of the money with the local community that creates the jobs.
  • Free the Girls is a non-profit organization that gives the intimate wears to sex trafficking survivors in El Salvador, Mozambique, and Costa Rica. They further sell it in second-hand markets so that the women can become financially independent.
  • Dress For Success is a fashion organization based out of New York. It works on the motto of non-profit and strives to improve the lives of women around it. The preliminary step starts with providing decent clothing, as not everyone can afford clothes for work and interviews.
  • eBay is an online platform that not only buys and sells goods but also gives back to the society with the charity and donation programmes. You can sell for charity, and donate to it.
  • Career Gear works hand-in-hand with underprivileged men and helps them transform their lives. If you have men’s clothing such as trousers, blazers, shoes, shirts, and so on at home that you want to donate, then do the good deed.
  • Big Brother Big Sister Organization aims at reaching out to the children in the region of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. It raises funds to conduct mentoring, wellness, and education programmes. Every item of clothing that you donate is converted to cash, and all of this money is pumped back into these programs.


Make a donation box as per your convenience which you can drop a bag of the clothes and apparels. Do check the boxes for any unwanted items before you pack them. Most organizations have a pickup service, and you can apply for it.

A member or two of the staff will pick up the stuff right from your doorstep. You can also walk in to the store to make the donation. Just ensure that you make a phone call and schedule your visit beforehand. Donate anything ranging from kids’ clothings and winter wears to bed sheets.

Everything you let out becomes a source of utility for someone waiting in some corner. Taking out time from your hectic schedule and planning donations for it is always a blessing to help others in need. Your clothes can also shelter other people and impart a noble deed.